Saving the planet

So many of us purport to be environmentally conscious; we recycle, reuse, upcycle, take part in park and beach cleans, car share, cycle, purchase hybrid cars, take shorter showers.   The truth is that all of these things put together do not reduce our carbon footprint half as much as removing from our diet the products produced by the single largest threat to the environment on earth- animal agriculture.  Want to save the world?  Go vegan.  

Saving animals

“To me, veganism means loving animals.  If you love animals, don’t eat them.” Supervegan Federico, 13

70 BILLION, yes, billion animals are slaughtered each year.  Depending on which country you are in, anywhere between 60 and 99% of these are factory farmed.  Even the most cursory glimpse into what this entails reveals horrors that very few people would be happy to support, if they were to actually connect with it.

Apathy is a dangerous thing; compassion and empathy can save the world.

Saving humanity

Supervegans are saving humanity in two ways; by improving the health and eliminating dozens of illnesses and diseases, and by helping to make food available to impoverished, even starving communities. They are our hope for the future. 

“If veganism is not the future of mankind, there will be no mankind in future.” Supervegan A

What is Supervegans?

Supervegans is a not for profit venture in support of Eden Sanctuary and education centre in Spain. It is a platform championing young vegans (Supervegans,) wannabe Supervegans and parents of Supervegans.  Through education, a book, podcasts and the blog, Supervegans is spreading the vegan word, creating more young vegans and saving the world in the process!

Supervegans the book

Supervegans the book (finished and currently seeking a publishing deal,) is dedicated to the young people who are saving animals, humanity and planet Earth, one teen at a time, in the gentlest and most effective way possible- through their diets.

The book includes interviews, stories, art work and poems by vegan teenagers as well as advice for wannabe Supervegans. This is a book by and for YOU, so get in touch, send us your vegan stories, volunteer for an interview and GET INVOLVED!! Together we can make the tribute to you that you deserve, build a supportive community, tell the world how awesome you are, inspire new young vegans and save even more lives!

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Next Steps...

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